2007 Reads

1. “Back On Track” by Carol Lewis
[B+, 01-11-2007, 143p.]

2. “The Aspern Papers” by Henry James
[B, 01-17-2007, 80p.]

3. “The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
[B, 01-30-2007, 279p.]

4. “Jesus In the Margins” by Rick McKinley
[A+, 02-02-2007, 191p.]

5. “Middlemarch” by George Eliot
[B+, 02-06-2007, 838p.]

6. “Moloka’i” by Alan Brennert
[A, 02-28-2007, 389p.]

7. “The F-Factor Diet” by Tanya Zuckerbrot
[C, 03-03-3007, 168p.]

8. “Scandalous Grace” by Julie Ann Barnhill
[B+, 03-06-2007, 172p.]

9. “Get Out of That Pit!” by Beth Moore
[A, 03-11-2007, 249p.]

10. “The Heir: A Novel” by Paul Robertson
[B, 03-14-2007, 366p.]

11. “Mosquito” by Roma Tearne
[B+, 03-26-2007, 296p.] – A.R.C.

12. “The Surgeon” by Tess Gerritsen
[B+, 04-08-2007, 416p.]

13. “Hidden In Plain Sight” by Mark Buchanan
[B+, 04-19-2007, 218p.]

14. “The Daring Female’s Guide to Ecstatic Living” by Natasha Kogan
[A-, 04-27-2007, 212p.]

15. “Get Your Act Together” by Pam Young & Peggy Jones
[B+, 05-06-2007, 212p.]

16. “His Wicked Kiss” by Gaelen Foley
[A-, 05-15-2007, 454p.]

17. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
[C, 05-20-2007, 198p.]

18. “The Portion Teller” by Lisa R. Young, PhD
[B+, 06-04-2007, 256p.]

19. “Fattitudes: Beat Self-Defeat & Win Your War with Weight
by Jeffrey & Norean Wilbert
[A-, 06-17-2007, 194p.]

20. “Envy” by Sandra Brown
[A-, 06-21-2007, 490p.]

21. “Radical Forgiveness” by Julie Ann Barnhill
[B+, 06-25-2007, ___p.]

22. “Eat Smart, Walk Strong” by Leslie Sansone
[B+, 06-29-2007, 255p.]

23. “The Weigh Down Diet” by Gwen Shamblin (reread)
[B-, 07-09-2007, 314p.]

24. “The Backward Life” by Jarrod Jones
[A+, 07-21-2007, 219p.]

25. “A Woman’s Place” by Lynn Austin
[B+, 07-24-2007, 446p.]

26. “Thin Within” by Judy Wardell (non-Christian version)
[B, 07-27-2007, 246p.]

27. “One Little Secret” by Allison Bottke
[A-, 08-01-2007, ___p.]

28. “The Sugar Solution” by Sari Harrar
[B, 08-18-2007, 406p.]

29. “Fearless” by Robin Parrish (Dominion Trilogy, 2)
[A+, 08-24-2007, 393p.]

30. “The Best Gift” by Irene Hannon
[B+, 08-30-2007, 251p.]

31. “Passage” by Connie Willis
[B-, 09-11-2007, 674p.]

32. “There Is More to The Secret” by Ed Gungor
[A, 09-13-2007, 124p.]

33. “Look Great, Feel Great” by Joyce Meyer
[B+, 09-19-2007, 177p.]

34. “The Inn at Shadow Lake” by Janet Edgar
[C, 09-21-2007, 250p.]

35. “Get With the Program” by Bob Greene
[B-, 09-26-2007, 211p.]

36. “What’s Really Holding You Back?” by Valorie Burton
[A-, 10-03-2007, 215p.]

37. “The Vagabond Clown” by Edward Marston
[B+, 10-09-2007, 292p.]

38. “Thin Again” by Judy & Arthur Halliday
[B-, 10-19-2007, 208p.]

39. “When the World Was Steady” by Claire Messud
[B+, 10-24-2007, 270p.]

40. “The Alexander Cipher” by Will Adams (A.R.C)
[B+, 10-27-2007, 438p.]

41. “Safe Dieting for Teens” by Linda Ojeda (A.R.C)
[B, 11-09-2007, 108p.]

42. “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde
[B-, 11-18-2007, 374p.]

43. “A Lady’s Guide to Rakes” by Kathryn Caskie
[A-, 11-21-2007, 280p.]

44. “Revealed” by Tamera Alexander (book 2)
[B+, 11-26-2007, 330p.]

45. “Harry Potter and the Scorcerer’s Stone” by J. K. Rowling
[B+, 11-28-2007, 309p.]

46. “100 Days of Weight Loss” by Linda Spangle
[A+, 12-03-2007, 220p.]

47. “The Message: Through the Bible in One Year” edited by Eugene Peterson
(aka: The Bible)
[A, 12-28-2007, 1528p.]

<>< :: Did not hit my 52-books goal this year…again.
I *did* read some really thick books, though!
(“Middlemarch”, “Passage”, “The Bible”)
:: <><

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