MizB is an avid reader and bibliophile, reading approximately 75 books per year.

Favorite genres include: Christian nonfiction; nonfiction about success/motivation; historical romances set in Regency England; and nonfiction about weight loss/diet/health.

Favorite authors include: Gaelen Foley; Robin Parrish; Susan May Warren; Sandra Brown; Rob Bell; Erwin McManus; Lisa Wingate; and Chip & Dan Heath.

Reading Habits: I love to read while curled up under a blanket on the couch, or sprawled out on my bed. I dog-ear pages if there’s something I want to remember, and the book isn’t my own. If it’s one of my own, occasionally I’ll underline the passage (but only in pencil!) I’ve taken to not underlining so much, any more, though, as I don’t like it when I go back through the book and find so much underlined — nothing *new* can jump out at me, then. So, my new method is to keep a notebook beside me as I read, and then I copy out the passages that stand out for me that I want to remember later. -)

This blog is MizB’s personal space to log the books she’s read each year since 2002. Thank you for visiting!

To see MizB’s main book blog, click here: SHOULD BE READING

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