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2002 ——————————————————————-
1. The Stone of Light – Christian Jacq
2. Creative Writing Coursebook– edited by Paul Magrs
3. Lord of Fire – Gaelen Foley
4. The Pilot’s Wife – Anita Shreve
5. Letters For Emily – Camron Wright
6. Ex Libris – Anne Fadiman
7. Transgression – Randall Ingermanson
8. Books In My Baggage – Lawrence Powell
9. Lord of Ice – Gaelen Foley
10. Negotiating With the Dead: A Writer on Writing – Margaret Atwood
11. Prince Charming – Gaelen Foley
12. Write Your Heart Out – Rebecca McClanahan
13. The Duke – Gaelen Foley
14. A Cure for Dreams – Kaye Gibbons
15. Fear Itself – Barrett Schumacher
16. The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks
17. On Every Side – Karen Kingsbury
18. Free At Last – Tony Evans
19. How Reading Changed My Life – Anna Quindlen
20. The Vagina Monologues – Eve Ensler
21. So Wild a Heart – Candace Camp
22. Great With Child– Debra Rienstra
23. When Joy Came to Stay – Karen Kingsbury
24. The Watermark – Travis Thrasher
25. Emerald Windows – Terri Blackstock
26. Seaside: A Novel – Terri Blackstock
27. A Kiss Remembered – Sandra Brown
28. Visible Amazement– Gale Zoe Garnett
29. Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife – Peggy Vincent
30. Life’s Work – Lisa Belkin
31. Husband-Coached Childbirth – Robert Bradley, M.D.
32. Secrets of the Vine – Bruce Wilkinson
33. The Palace of Tears – Alev Lytle Croutier
34. The Prayer of Jabez – Bruce Wilkinson
35. Sacred Trust – Hannah Alexander
36. The Seat Beside Me – Nancy Moser
37. Eyes of Elisha – Brandilyn Collins
38. A Treasury of Miracles for Women– Karen Kingsbury
39. Tending Roses – Lisa Wingate
40. False Positive – William Cutrer, Sandra Glahn
41. A Short Guide to a Happy Life – Anna Quindlen
42. The Hidden Heart – Candace Camp
43. Seduction By Design – Sandra Brown
44. Solemn Oath – Hannah Alexander
45. If You Want to Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out of the Boat! – Walter Albritton
46. God In You – Dr. David Jeremiah
47. Let Go & Let God – Albert E. Cliffe
48. Love Works Like This – Lauren Slater
49. All That Glitters – Gilbert Morris
50. Memoirs of Pontius Pilate – James R. Mills
51. Really Bad Girls of the Bible – Liz Curtis Higgs
52. All Is Vanity – Christina Schwartz
53. Letters to a Young Novelist – Mario Vargas Llosa

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2003 ——————————————————————–
1. “Blackberry Wine” ~ Joanne Harris
2. “Jonathan Livingston Seagull“~ Richard Bach
3. “Dread Champion” ~ Brandilyn Collins
4. “Indigo” ~ Graham Joyce
5. “Not a Sparrow Falls” ~ Linda Nichols
6. “The Little Prince” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery
7. “Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers” ~ Carolyn See
8. “Certain Peace In Uncertain Times” ~ Shirley Dobson
9. “The Book of Q” ~ Jonathan Rabb
10. “Gideon’s Gift” ~ Karen Kingsbury
11. “Lady of Desire” ~ Gaelen Foley
12. “Sadie’s Song” ~ Linda Hall
13. “Garfield at 25: In Dog Years I’d Be Dead” ~ Jim Davis
14. “The Shipwrecked Sailor” ~ Tamara Bower
15. “Sutter’s Cross” ~ W.Dale Cramer
16. “Careers For Bookworms & Other Literary Types” ~ Marjorie Eberts & Margaret Gisler
17. “The Da Vinci Code” ~ Dan Brown
18. “The Book Group Book: A Thoughtful Guide to Forming & Enjoying a Stimulating Book Discussion Group (2nd Edition)” ~ edited by Ellen Slezak
19. “The Purpose-Driven Life” ~ Rick Warren
20. “The Hunger Moon” ~ Suzanne Matson
21. “Crow & Weasel” ~ Barry Lopez
22. “Happily Ever After” ~ Susan May Warren
23. “Above All” ~ Brennan Manning
24. “The Darwin Conspiracy: Confessions of Sir Max Busby” ~ James Scott Bell
25. “Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse” ~ Richard Bach
26. “True Devotion” ~ Dee Henderson
27. “Air Ferrets Aloft” ~ Richard Bach
28. “Year Zero: A Novel” ~ Jeff Long
29. “The Love Letter” ~ Cathleen Schine
30. “Beyond the Sacred Page” ~ Jack Cavanaugh
31. “The Klone & i” ~ Danielle Steel
32. “True Valor” ~ Dee Henderson
33. “Shock” ~ Robin Cook
34. “Angels & Demons” ~ Dan Brown
35. “Swimming” ~ Joanna Hershon
36. “I Will Be Here” ~ Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman
37. “Reading Lolita In Tehran: A Memoir in Books” ~ Azar Nafisi
38. “My Twice-Lived Life: A Memoir” ~ Donald M. Murray
39. “Heaven’s Wager” ~ Ted Dekker
40. “I’ll Watch the Moon” ~ Ann Tatlock
41. “Secrets of the Heart” ~ Candace Camp
42. “Good Hope Road” ~ Lisa Wingate
43. “Down By the River” ~ Robyn Carr
44. “A Dish Taken Cold” ~ Anne Perry
45. “Led Astray” ~ Sandra Brown
46. “The Thin Pink Line” ~ Lauren Baratz-Logsted
47. “Handyman” ~ Linda Nichols
48. “Excessive Joy Injures the Heart” ~ Elisabeth Harvor
49. “Griffin & Sabine” ~ Nick Bantock
50. “Sabine’s Notebook” ~ Nick Bantock
51. “Hawk O’Toole’s Hostage” ~ Sandra Brown
52. “Evenings at Five” ~ Gail Godwin
53. “The Golden Mean” ~ Nick Bantock
54. “Not Even For Love” ~ Sandra Brown
55. “Bliss: A Novel” ~ Gabrielle Pina
56. “So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year of Passionate Reading” ~ Sara Nelson
57. “Two From Galilee: A Love Story” ~ Marjorie Holmes
58. “The Island of Heavenly Daze” ~ Angela Hunt, Lori Copeland
59. “The Gryphon” ~ Nick Bantock
60. “Alexandria” ~ Nick Bantock
61. “Christmas In Harmony” ~ Philip Gulley
62. “Just Over the Mountain” ~ Robyn Carr
63. “Girl Meets God: On the Path to a Spiritual Life” ~ Lauren Winner
64. “The Morning Star” ~ Nick Bantock

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2004 ——————————————————————–
1. “The Snow Bride” – Debbie Macomber
2. “Keeping God in the Small Stuff” – Bruce & Stan
3. “Threshold” – Bill Myers
4. “Under the Tuscan Sun” – Frances Mayes
5. “Gifted Hands: The Dr. Ben Carson Story” – Dr. Ben Carson (reread)
6. “Unless” – Carol Shields
7. “Casting the Gods Adrift: A Tale of Ancient Egypt” – Geraldine McCaughrean
8. “Empire of Light” – David Czuchlewski
9. “Mixed Signals” – Liz Curtis Higgs
10. “The Moon Below” – Barbara Bickmore (reread)
11. “He Chose the Nails” – Max Lucado
12. “Irreparable Harm” – Randy Singer
13. “Hadassah: One Night with the King” – Tommy Tenney
14. “A Life God Rewards” – Bruce Wilkinson
15. “Finding Alice” – Melody Carlson
16. “The Ultimate Weight Solution” – Dr. Phil McGraw
17. “Holly” – Jude Deveraux
18. “It’s Not About Me” – Max Lucado
19. “Directed Verdict” – Randy Singer
20. “Mudhouse Sabbath” – Lauren Winner
21. “Walking a Literary Labyrinth: A Spirituality of Reading” – Nancy Malone
22. “Alone in the Appalachians” – Monique Dykstra
23. “The Dream Giver” – Bruce Wilkinson
24. “Elixir: A Novel” – Davis Bunn
25. “Chasing a Rogue” – Victoria Malvey
26. “A Proper Affair” – Victoria Malvey
27. “Oxygen” – Andrew Miller
28. “Startling Beauty: My Journey from Rape to Restoration” – Heather Gemmen
29. “A Belated Bride” – Karen Hawkins
30. “Girls In Trouble” – Caroline Leavitt
31. “The Last Crossing” – Guy Vanderhaeghe
[Audio] – “Their Eyes Were Watching God“- Zora Neale Hurston
[Audio] – “‘A’ Is for Alibi” – Sue Grafton
32. “The Courage to Dream” – Margaret Daley
33. “The Queen’s Fool” – Philippa Gregory
34. “Our Covenant God” – Kay Arthur
35. “Texas Cooking” – Lisa Wingate
36. “The Glass Palace” – Amitav Ghosh
37. “Finally Home” – Lyn Cote
38. “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” – Lynn Truss
39. “Love Is Patient” – Carolyne Aarsen
40. “Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse” – Richard Bach (re-read)
41. “Blessings” – Lois Richer
42. “Hero In Her Heart” – Marta Perry
43. “Taming Rafe” – Suzanne Enoch
44. “Old Turtle” – Douglas Woods
45. “Suddenly Married” – Loree Lough
46. “Crow Lake” – Mary Lawson
47. “An Honest Life” – Dana Corbit
48. “What the Heart Knows” – Margaret Daley
49. “The Dark Clue” – James Wilson
50. “Time Lottery” – Nancy Moser
51. “In God We Trust, But Only As a Last Resort” – Daniel Owens
52. “Two Hearts” – Cynthia Rutledge
53. “Eyeliner of the Gods” – Katie Maxwell
54. “The Bookseller of Kabul” – Asne Seierstad
55. “Testing His Patience” – Lyn Cote
56. “Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons” – Lorna Landvik
57. “Old Turtle & the Broken Truth” – Douglas Woods
58. “Tears in a Bottle” – Sylvia Bambola
59. “Among the Tulips” – Cheryl Wolverton
60. “Color the Sidewalk for Me” – Brandilyn Collins
61. “Hers For the Weekend” – Tanya Michaels
62. “Lone Star Cafe” – Lisa Wingate
63. “A Time to Remember” – Lois Richer
64. “Holiday Homecoming” – Jillian Hart
65. “The Virgin’s Lover” – Philippa Gregory
66. “The Whitney Chronicles” – Judy Baer
67. “Devil Takes a Bride” – Gaelen Foley

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2005 ——————————————————————–
1. “A Scandalous Freedom” by Steve Brown
2. “Promise Forever” by Marta Perry
3. “Lost Christianities” by Bart D. Ehrman
4. “Undercover Blessings” by Deb Kastner
5. “Naked Fruit” by Elisa Morgan
6. “1st To Die” by James Patterson
7. “Perfectly Saucy” by Emily McKay
8. “The Bad Beginning” (book 1) by Lemony Snicket
9. “Catnap” (book 1) by Carole Nelson Douglas
10. “Sixpence House: Lost in a Town of Books” by Paul Collins
11. “All Shook Up” by Natalie Stenzel
12. “What a Girl Wants” by Kristin Billerbeck
13. “Walk Away the Pounds” by Leslie Sansone
14. “Love Came Unexpectedly” by Ruth Scofield
15. “The Reptile Room” (book 2) by Lemony Snicket
16. “Looking for God in Harry Potter” by John Granger
17. “Word Freak” by Stefan Fatsis
18. “The Wide Window” by Lemony Snicket
19. “The G.I. Diet” by Rick Gallop
20. “Savannah From Savannah” – Denise Hildreth
21. “Good Grief” by Lolly Winston
22. “Mike, Mike and Me” by Wendy Markham
23. “Living In the Power of the Holy Spirit” by Charles F. Stanley
24. “Flee the Night” (Team Hope, #1) by Susan May Warren
25. “Bad Cat: 244 Not-So-Pretty Kitties & Cats Gone Bad” by Jim Edgar
26. “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown (reread)
27. “Truth & Fiction in The Da Vinci Code: A Historian Reveals What We Really Know About Jesus, Mary Magdalene, & Constantine” by Bart D. Ehrman
28. “Honey For a Woman’s Heart: Growing Your World Through Reading Great Books
by Gladys Hunt
29. “The Barbarian Way: Unleash the Untamed Faith Within” by Erwin Raphael McManus
30. “A Garden in Paris” by Stephanie Grace Whitson
31. “Angus, Thongs, & Full-Frontal Snogging” by Louise Rennison
32. “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant
33. “A Thoroughly Modern Princess” by Wendy Corsi Staub
34. “The Ink Drinker” by Eric Sanvoisin
35. “The Weigh Down Diet” by Gwen Shamblin
36. “On the Bright Side, Now I’m the Girlfriend of a Sex God” by Louise Rennison (book 2)
37. “Sisterchicks on the Loose!” by Robin Jones Gunn
38. “The Carpenter’s Wife” by Lenora Worth
39. “A Glimpse of Jesus: The Stranger to Self-Hatred” – Brennan Manning
40. “A Bride Most Begrudging” by Deeanne Gist
41. “The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience” by Ronald J. Sider
42. “Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach to Lasting Weight-Loss” by Judy and Arthur Halliday
43. “Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith” – Rob Bell
44. “Dinner With a Perfect Stranger” – David Gregory
45. “The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands” – Dr. Laura Schlessinger
46. “Sweetwater Creek” (A.R.C) – Anne Rivers Siddons
47. “Sink Reflections” – Marla Cilley (the FLYLady!)
48. “One Night of Sin” – Gaelen Foley
49. “The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life” – Steve Leveen
50. “Inkheart” – Cornelia Funke
51. “On the Doorstep” – Dana Corbit
52. “My Boyfriend’s Back” – Donna Hanover
53. “The Kite Runner” – Khaled Hosseini
54. “All She Ever Wanted” – Lynn Austin
55. “The Constant Princess” – Philippa Gregory

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2006 ——————————————————————–
1. “The Lazarus Trap” by Davis Bunn
2. “Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell
3. “Finding Anna” by Christine Schaub
4. “A Third Testament” by Malcolm Muggeridge
5. “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis
6. “Rekindled” by Tamera Alexander
7. “Overcoming Overeating” by Jane R. Hirschmann, Carol Munter
8. “Who Needs Decaf?” by Tanya Michaels
9. “The Procrastinating Child” by Rita Emmett
10. “The Hadassah Covenant” by Tommy Tenney (book 2)
11. “Rachel’s Prayer” by Leisha Kelly (A.R.C)
12. “Stolen Lives” by Brian Reaves (A.R.C)
13. “The Gathering Place” by Becca Anderson (A.R.C)
14. “Everything’s Coming Up Josey” by Susan May Warren
15. “Fit For Life” by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond
16. “Thin People Don’t Clean Their Plates” by Jill Fleming
17. “Why Weight?” by Geneen Roth
18. “Win the Weight Game” by Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York), Weight Watchers
19. “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch
20. “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell (reread)
21. “The Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning
22. “Relentless” by Robin Parrish
23. “A New Kind of Christian” by Brian D. McLaren
24. “More Jesus, Less Religion” by Stephen Arterburn, Jack Felton
25. “The Devil’s Heiress” by Jo Beverley
26. “Blah, Blah, Blah: Making Sense of the World’s Spiritual Chatter” by Bayard Taylor
27. “The Heart of Christianity” by Marcus J. Borg
28. “Girl In Hyacinth Blue” by Susan Vreeland
29. “Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Reformation & Protestantism” by James S. Bell, Sumner
30. “Zelda’s Cut” by Philippa Gregory
31. “A Short Guide to a Happy Life” by Anna Quindlen (reread)
32. “Postmodernism 101” by Heath White
33. “The Perfect Man” by Dean & Merrill Buckhorn
34. “The Secrets of Skinny Chicks” by Karen Bridson
35. “Your God Is Too Safe” by Mark Buchanan
36. “The Xanadu Adventure” by Lloyd Alexander
37. “The Tale of Despereaux” by Katie DiCamillo
38. “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think” by Brian Wansink, Ph.D

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2007 ——————————————————————–
1. “Back On Track” by Carol Lewis
2. “The Aspern Papers” by Henry James
3. “The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
4. “Jesus In the Margins” by Rick McKinley
5. “Middlemarch” by George Eliot
6. “Moloka’i” by Alan Brennert
7. “The F-Factor Diet” by Tanya Zuckerbrot
8. “Scandalous Grace” by Julie Ann Barnhill
9. “Get Out of That Pit! by Beth Moore
10. “The Heir: A Novel” by Paul Robertson
11. “Mosquito” by Roma Tearne
12. “The Surgeon” by Tess Gerritsen
13. “Hidden In Plain Sight” by Mark Buchanan
14. “The Daring Female’s Guide to Ecstatic Living” by Natasha Kogan
15. “Get Your Act Together” by Pam Young & Peggy Jones
16. “His Wicked Kiss” by Gaelen Foley
17. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
18. “The Portion Teller” by Lisa R. Young, PhD
19. “Fattitudes: Beat Self-Defeat & Win Your War with Weight“ by Jeffrey & Norean Wilbert
20. “Envy” by Sandra Brown
21. “Radical Forgiveness” by Julie Ann Barnhill
22. “Eat Smart, Walk Strong” by Leslie Sansone
23. “The Weigh Down Diet” by Gwen Shamblin (reread)
24. “The Backward Life” by Jarrod Jones
25. “A Woman’s Place” by Lynn Austin
26. “Thin Within” by Judy Wardell (non-Christian version)
27. “One Little Secret” by Allison Bottke
28. “The Sugar Solution” by Sari Harrar
29. “Fearless” by Robin Parrish (Dominion Trilogy, 2)
30. “The Best Gift” by Irene Hannon
31. “Passage” by Connie Willis
32. “There Is More to The Secret” by Ed Gungor
33. “Look Great, Feel Great” by Joyce Meyer
34. “The Inn at Shadow Lake” by Janet Edgar
35. “Get With the Program” by Bob Greene
36. “What’s Really Holding You Back?” by Valorie Burton
37. “The Vagabond Clown” by Edward Marston
38. “Thin Again” by Judy & Arthur Halliday
39. “When the World Was Steady” by Claire Messud
40. “The Alexander Cipher” by Will Adams (A.R.C)
41. “Safe Dieting for Teens” by Linda Ojeda (A.R.C)
42. “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde
43. “A Lady’s Guide to Rakes” by Kathryn Caskie
44. “Revealed” by Tamera Alexander (book 2)
45. “Harry Potter and the Scorcerer’s Stone” by J. K. Rowling
46. “100 Days of Weight Loss” by Linda Spangle
47. “The Message: Through the Bible in One Year” edited by Eugene Peterson
(aka: The Bible)

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2008 ——————————————————————–
1. “Earth Mother” by Ellen Jackson
2. “Princess” by Gaelen Foley
3. “Chocolatherapy” by Karen Scalf Linamen
4. “Fit From Within” by Victoria Moran
5. “Getting Thin and Loving Food” by Kathleen Daelemans
6. “Secrets of Successful Weight Loss” by Diana Burrell
DNF: “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak ((too “slow”))
7. “Secrets of a Former Fat Girl” by Lisa Delaney
8. “Seeking Miss Scarlet” by Natalie Stenzel
9. “Body For Life” by Bill Phillips
10. “Fat Girl: One Woman’s Way Out” by Irene O’Garden
11. “Losing the Moon” by Patti Callahan Henry
12. “Wearing the Spider” by Susan Schaab
13. “Divine Obsession” by Rob Hensser
14. “Lady of Milkweed Manor” by Julie Klassen
15. “The Skinny” by Melissa Clark & Robin Aronson
16. “Provocative Faith” by Matthew Paul Turner
17. “Psalm 23: The Song of a Passionate Heart” by David Roper
18. “Diet Fads” by Barbara A. Zahensky
19. “The Beautiful Fight” by Gary Thomas
20. “A Portrait of Jesus” by Joseph Girzone
21. “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” by Peter Walsh
22. “Talk of the Town” by Lisa Wingate
23. “The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size” by Julia Cameron
24. “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas
25. “The Jesus of Suburbia” by Mike Erre
26. “Trespassed Hearts” by Lynn A. Coleman
27. “The No S Diet” by Reinhard Engels
28. “Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits” by Shannon Ethridge
29. “Winning After Losing” by Stacey Halprin
30. “Deja Dead” by Kathy Reichs
31. “This Year I Will…” by M. J. Ryan
32. “The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield
33. “Her Only Desire” by Gaelen Foley
34. “Calico Canyon” by Mary Connealy
35. “Slightly Settled” by Wendy Markham
36. “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl” by Shauna Reid
37. “The Diplomat’s Wife” by Pam Jenoff
38. “A Well-Behaved Woman’s Life” by Susan McGeown
39. “Half-Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir” by Jennette Fulda
40. “Merciless” (Dominion Trilogy, 3) by Robin Parrish
41. “Beyond Me: Living a You-First Life in a Me-First World” by Kathi Macias
42. “The Gazebo” by Emily Grayson
43. “Just Who Will You Be?” by Maria Shriver
44. “Getting the Girl” by Susan Juby
45. “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer
46. 8 Robert Munsch books (total of 211 pages) for the Olympic Reading Challenge
47. “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer
48. “Eclipse” by Stephenie Meyer
49. “First Place 4 Health” by Carole Lewis
50. “The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop” by Lewis Buzbee
51. “Breaking Dawn” by Stephenie Meyer
52. “A Hopeless Romantic” by Harriet Evans
53. “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory
54. “Sloth (The Seven Deadly Sins series)” by Wendy Wasserstein
55. “He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection” by Wayne Jacobsen
56. “Jenny’s In the Hospital” by Seymour Reit (reread)
57. “Same Kind of Different As Me” by Ron Hall & Denver Moore
58. “The Shack” by William P. Young
59. “Zzz…: the Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read About Sleep” by Trudee Romanek
60. “How to Be Single: A Novel” by Liz Tuccillo
61. “The Best Mariachi in the World/El mejor Mariachi del mundo” by J. D. Smith
62. “Forsaken” by James David Jordan
63. “Godly Love” by Stephen G. Post
64. “With An Everlasting Love” by Kay Arthur
65. “Never Say Diet” by Chantel Hobbs
66. “Evernight” by Claudia Gray
67. “The Big Heat” by Jennifer LaBrecque
68. “Leave it to Chance” by Sheri Sand
69. “The Old Man’s Secret” by Sandra-Kay Austin
70. “A Song In Stone” by Walter H. Hunt

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2009 ——————————————————————-
1. “Losing Control and Liking It” by Tim Sanford
2. “Dream Homes: A Memoir” by Joyce Zonana
3. “Weight Watchers’ Tools for Living Companion” by WW International
4. “The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer” by Chantel Hobbs
5. “Time Of My Life” by Allison Winn Scotch
6. “Finally Thin” by Kim Bensen
7. “Playing Pretend” by Kate Matthews* (A.R.C.)
8. “This Side of Heaven” by Karen Kingsbury
9. “Gingham Mountain” by Mary Connealy
10. “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldhahn
11. “For Men Only” by Jeff & Shaunti Feldhahn
12. “Blue Jean Buddha” by Sumi Loundon
13. “Fixing Abraham” by Chris Tiegreen
14. “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?” by Angela Thomas
15. “The Courage to Start” by John Bingham
16. “Sacred Obsession” by Becky Tirabassi
17. “Mindful Eating” by Jan Chozen Bays, M.D.
18. “Recover Your Good Heart” by Jim Robbins
19. “10 Things I Hate About Christianity” by Jason T. Berggren
20. “The Thin Commandments Diet” by Stephen Gullo, Ph.D.
21.”Zig-Zagging: A Memoir” by Tom Wilson
22. “Yesterday’s Embers” by Deborah Raney
23. “Apologetics for a New Generation” by Sean McDowell
24. “Just Like That” by Marsha Qualey
25. “Vince & Joy” by Lisa Jewel
26. “Totally God’s” by Megan Clinton & Dr. Tim Clinton
27. “From Clutter to Clarity” by Nancy Twigg
28. “Feeding Your Appetites” by Stephen Arterburn with Dr. Debra Cherry
29. “Blankets” by Craig Thompson
30. “The Life of Reilly” by Sue Civil-Brown
31. “It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh
32. “Enough Already!” by Peter Walsh
33. “Naturally Thin” by Bethenny Frankel
34. “Never Give Up” by Joyce Meyer
35.”Start Talking” by Mary Jo Rapini & Janine Sherman
36. “Nothing But Trouble” by Susan May Warren
37. “Crossed Wires” by Rosy Thornton
38. “The Seven Faith Tribes” by George Barna
39. “Downpour (study)” by James Macdonald
40. “Gods Behaving Badly” by Marie Phillips
41. “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, PhD
42. “Secondhand Jesus” by Glenn Packiam
43. “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp
44. “The End of Overeating” by Dr. David Kessler
45. “I Can Make You Thin” by Paul McKenna
46. “Talking to the Dead” by Bonnie Grove
47. “Sunnyside Blues” by Mary Carter
48. “This Year I Will…” by M. J. Ryan (reread)
49. “Persuasion” by Jane Austen
50. “How to Survive Your Diet” by Linda Moran
51. “Dying to Live” by Clive Calver
52. “I Heart You, You Haunt Me” by Lisa Schroeder
53. “Perfect You” by Elizabeth Scott
54. “Offworld” by Robin Parrish
55. “The Other Boy” by Hailey Abbott
56. “One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way” by Dr. Robert Maurer
57. “The End of the Beginning” by Avi
58. “Flirting With Boys” by Hailey Abbott
59. “Breaking the Barriers” by Jason Frenn
60. “The Flexitarian Diet” by Dawn Jackson Blatner
61. “Hope Unleashed” by Andy Hawthorne
62. “The King’s Legacy” by Jim Stovall
63. “Never the Bride” by Cheryl McKay & Rene Gutteridge
64. “The Year of Living Biblically” by A. J. Jacobs
65. “An Eye For An Eye” by Irene Hannon
66. “Regret-Free Living” by Stephen Arterburn
67. “Dead Until Dark” by Charlaine Harris
68. “Already Gone” by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer
69. “Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight” by Karen Linamen
70. “No Idea” by Greg Garrett
71. “The Kommandant’s Girl” by Pam Jenoff
72. “Thirst (vol.1)” by Christopher Pike
73. “Pagan Christianity?” by Frank Viola & George Barna
74. “Finding Organic Church” by Frank Viola
75. “Fit For My King” by Sheri Rose Shepherd
76. “Thirsty” by Tracey Bateman
77. “The First 30 Days” by Ariane de Bonvoisin
78. “Hungry” by Allen Zadoff
79. “Living Dead in Dallas” by Charlaine Harris
80. “The SuperFoods Rx Diet” by Wendy Bazilian & Steven Pratt
81. “The Unlikely Disciple” by Kevin Roose

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2010 ——————————————————————-
1. “The Silent Governess” by Julie Klassen
2. “Denise’s Daily Dozen” by Denise Austin
3. “Us: A User’s Guide” by Daniel Tocchini
4. “Wicked Lovely” by Melissa Marr
5. “Live a Little!” by Susan Love & Alice Domar
6. “Lord, I Just Want to Be Happy” by Leslie Vernick
7. “Kiss of Midnight” by Lara Adrian
8. “The One Day Way” by Chantel Hobbs
9. “Ink Exchange” by Melissa Marr
10. “Crave” by Chris Tomlinson
11. “So Long, Insecurity” by Beth Moore
12. “Abigail” by Jill Eileen Smith
13. “Eats With Sinners” by Arron Chambers
14. “The Twilight Gospel” by Dave Roberts
15. “Godmother” by Carolyn Turgeon
16. “Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard” by Chip & Dan Heath
17. “Scars & Stilettos” by Harmony Dust
18. “Dr. Colbert’s ‘I Can Do This’ Diet” by Dr. Don Colbert
19. “100 Simple Secrets of Successful People” by David Niven
20. “Evermore” by Alyson Noël
21. “The Eden Diet” by Rita Hancock, MD
22. “No More Christian Nice Girl” by Paul Coughlin & Jennifer Degler
23. “One Million Arrows” by Julie Ferwerda
24. “The Forgotten God” by Francis Chan
25. “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers
26. “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin
27. “Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle” by Fred Stoeker w/Stephen Arterburn
28. “Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle” by Shannon Ethridge
29. “Character Is the Key” by Sara Dimerman
30. “On Guard” by William Lane Craig
31. “The Irresistable Revolution” by Shane Claiborne
32. “So Much More Than Sexy” by Mark Atteberry
33. “What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love & Marriage” by Amy Sutherland
34. “What Happened to My Life?” by Danna Demetre
35. “A Tailor-Made Bride” by Karen Witemeyer
36. “Real World Parents” by Mark Matlock
37. “Sing” by Lisa T. Bergren
38. “The Mailbox” by Marybeth Whalen
39. “Fatal Loyalty” by Sue Duffy
40. “Marked” by P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast
41. “Double Trouble” by Susan May Warren
42. “Betrayed” by P.C. & Kristin Cast
43. “God Knows My Name” by Beth Redman
44. “My Formerly Hot Life” by Stephanie Dolgoff
45. “Perfect Timing” by Jill Mansell
46. “Chosen” by P.C. & Kristin Cast
47. “Hearts At Stake” by Alyxandra Harvey
48. “Claim” by Lisa T. Bergren
49. “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare
50. “Bitten” by Kelley Armstrong
51. “Your Roots Are Showing” by Elise Chidley
52. “Untamed” by P.C. & Kristin Cast
53. “Hunted” by P.C. & Kristin Cast
54. “Soul Custody” by Stephen W. Smith
55. “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” by Stephenie Meyer
56. “Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life” by Thich Nhat Hahn
57. “One Month to Live” by Kerry & Chris Shook
58. “Tempted” by P.C. & Kristin Cast
59. “Burned” by P.C. & Kristin Cast
60. “The Christian Atheist” by Craig Groeschel
61. “The Dip” by Seth Godin
62. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future” by Michael J. Fox
63. “Glass Houses” by Rachel Caine
64. “The Clothesline Diet” by Karen Gatt
65. “Jump” by Efrem Smith
66. “Dare to Drop the Pose” by Craig Groeschel
67. “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen
68. “It’s Your Call” by Gary Barkalow
69. “A Million Ways to Die” by Rick James
70. “Driven” by Robert Herjavec
71. “Eleanor” by Barbara Cooney
72. “Under the Overpass” by Mike Yankoski
73. “Shadow Hills” by Anastasia Hopcus
74. “The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook” by Paul & Sarah Edwards
75. “The Renaissance Soul” by Margaret Lobenstine
76. “Ignore Everybody” by Hugh MacLeod
77. “The Follow Through Factor” by Gene C. Hayden
78. “Escaping the Vampire” by Kimberly Powers

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2011 ———————————————————
1. “How It Ends” by Laura Wiess
2. “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst
3. “The Girl in the Gatehouse” by Julie Klassen
4. “The 1% Solution for Work & Life” by Tom Connellan
5. “Vampire Diaries 1: The Awakening” by L. J. Smith
6. “Vampire Diaries 2:The Struggle” by L. J. Smith
7. “The ME Project” by Kathy Lipp
8. “Lazarus Awakening” by Joanna Weaver
9. “Saving Jesus From the Church” by Robin R. Meyers
10. “A Trail of Ink” by Mel Starr
11. “God Between the Covers” by Marcia Ford
12. “86400” by Lavaille Lavette
13. “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel H. Pink
14. Vampire Diaries 3&4: “The Fury” & “Dark Reunion” by L. J. Smith
15. “unChristian” by David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons
16. “Dangerous Journey” by Oliver Hunkin
17. “Falling Under” by Gwen Hayes
18. “Revise Us Again” by Frank Viola
19. “A Hidden Affair” by Pam Jenoff
20. “The Lady of Bolton Hill” by Elizabeth Camden
21. “Awakened” by P.C. & Kristin Cast
22. “Your Best Body Now” by Tosca Reno
23. “Fully Engaged” by John Busacker
24. “Unlimited” by Jillian Michaels
25. “Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron Bure
26. “Sun Stand Still” by Steven Furtick
27. “Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffin
28. “The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make” by Sean Covey
29. “Beastly” by Alex Flinn
30. “Did I Marry the Wrong Guy?” by Michelle Stimpson
31. “Mistress of Rome” by Kate Quinn
32. “Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working” by Craig Groeschel
33. ”The Art of War for Women” by Chin-Ning Chu
34. “The Idiot Factor” by Larry Winget
35. “A Place of Yes” by Bethenny Frankel
36. “Does Change Have to Be So H.A.R.D?” by Julie Donley, R.N.
37. “The Vice-Busting Diet” by Julia Griggs Havey
38. “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” by Wayne Jacobsen
39. “A Race to Splendor” by Ciji Ware
40. “Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares” by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
41. “One Day” by David Nicholls
42. “The Holmes Inspection” by Mike Holmes
43. “Darke Academy 1: Secret Lives” by Gabriella Poole
44.”Darke Academy 2: Blood Ties” by Gabriella Poole
45. “Restless In Carolina” by Tamera Leigh
46. “EAT: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution” by Ian K. Smith
47. “Kiss of Night” by Debbie Viguie
48. “Beautiful Outlaw” by John Eldredge
49. “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope
50. “Up, Down, or Sideways” by Mark Sanborn
51. “Incognito” by Gregory Murphy
52. “Always a Princess” by Alice Gaines
53. “Mirror Ball” by Matt Redman
54. “{W}hole” by Lisa Whittle
55. “Bad Boys Do” by Victoria Dahl
56. “Grace for the Good Girl” by Emily Freeman
57. “The Power-Based Life” by Mike Flynt
58. “Heiress” by Susan May Warren
59. “When Bad Christians Happen to Good People” by Dave Burchett
60. “Intertwined” by Gena Showalter
61. “Forbidden” by Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee
62. “Get Healthy for Heaven’s Sake” by Lisa Morrone
63. “Lifestyle Choices…Up to YOU!” by Ginger Woods O’Shea
64. “Deadly Little Secret” by Laurie Faria Stolarz
65. “The Non-Designer’s Design Book” by Robin Williams
66. “The Dragonfly Effect” by Jennifer Aaker & Andy Smith
67. “The Resolution for Women” by Priscilla Shirer

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1. “TEN: How Would You Rate Your Life?” by Terry A. Smith
2. “StrengthsFinder 2.0” by Tom Rath
3. “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater
4. “Every Body Matters” by Gary Thomas
5. “Pretty Little Liars” by Sara Shepard
6. “Kiss Crush Collide” by Christina Meredith
7. “Find Your Strongest Life” by Marcus Buckingham
8. “Matched” by Ally Condie
9. “The Experience Effect” by Jim Joseph
10. “HTML5 for Dummies: Quick Reference” by Andy Harris
11. “Say, ‘Yes, And!’” by Avish Parashar
12. “Be Fearless” by Jonathan Alpert
13. “Wither” by Lauren DeStefano
14. “Successful Women Think Differently” by Valorie Burton
15. “Free Agent Nation” by Daniel H. Pink
16. “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women” by Gail McMeekin
17. “The Eternal Ones” by Kirsten Miller
18. “You’re Already Amazing” by Holley Gerth
19. “Better Than Chocolate” by Siimon Reynolds
20. “Evolving in Monkey Town” by Rachel Held Evans
21. “What Happened to Goodbye” by Sarah Dessen
22. “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins
23. “The 60-Second Commute” by Erica Orloff & Kathy Levinson, Ph.D.
24. “Do More Great Work” by Michael Bungay Stanier
25. “Live the Dream” by Larry Winters
26. “The Naked Gospel” by Andrew Farley
27. “The Eden Diet” by Rita Hancock, M.D. {re-read}
28. “Starcrossed” by Josephine Angelini
29. “Choose Joy” by Kay Warren
30. “Wrecked” by Anna Davies
31. “Mind Monsters” by Kevin Gerald
32. “An Accidental Athlete” by John Bingham
33. “Play: How it Shapes the Brain…” by Dr. Stuart Brown
34. “The Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau
35. “Anything” by Jennie Allen
36. “My Stubborn Heart” by Becky Wade
37. “I Got This” by Jennifer Hudson
38. “Persuasion” by Arlene Dickinson
39. “Dream” by Dutch Sheets
40. “Not Just a Living” by Mark Henricks
41. “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James
42. “Any Love But Mine” by Debbie Davies
43. “You Are a Writer” by Jeff Goins
44. “She Takes On the World” by Natalie MacNeil
45. “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss
46. “The Lost Daughter” by Lucy Ferriss
47. “Fireworks Over Toccoa” by Jeffrey Stepakoff
48. “I Am Second” by Doug Bender & Dave Sterrett
49. “The Renaissance Soul” by Margaret Lobenstine {re-read}
50. “Clairvaux Manifesto” by Kirk Bartha
51. “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller
52. “The Sacred Romance” by Brent Curtis & John Eldredge
53. “An Untroubled Heart” by Micca Campbell
54. “Pushing the Limits” by Katie McGarry
55. “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon
56. “Confessions of a Control Freak” by Priscilla Knox Morrison
57. “Intuitive Eating” (3rd Edition) by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch
58. “How to Really Change Your Life” by Norman Barlow, Ph.D.
59. “Almost Sex” by Michael DiMarco
60. “Obsessed” by Hayley DiMarco
61. “The Art of the Chase” by Hayley & Michael DiMarco
62. “Something Like Normal” by Trish Doller
63. “A People’s History of Christianity” by Diana Butler Bass
64. “Practicing the Presence of Jesus” by Wally Armstrong
65. “Gabriel’s Inferno” by Sylvain Reynard
66. “Kiss of Death” by Debbie Viguie
67. “Twelve Months” by Steven Manchester
68. “Jesus: Pure & Simple” by Wayne Cordiero
69. “The Lover’s Dictionary” by David Levithan
70. “Coming Up For Air” by Patti Callahan Henry
71. “Love and War” by John & Stasi Eldredge
72. “Real Marriage” by Mark & Grace Driscoll
73. “Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse“by Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D.
74. “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric & Leslie Ludy
75. “Boy Meets Girl” by Joshua Harris
76. “The First 90 Days of Marriage” by Eric & Leslie Ludy
77. “City of Dark Magic” by Magnus Flyte
78. “Authentic Beauty” by Leslie Ludy
79. “The Do What You Can Plan” by Holley Gerth
80. “When Dreams Come True” by Eric & Leslie Ludy

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1. “Radical Well-Being” by Rita Hancock, M.D.
2. “The Art Forger” by B. A. Shapiro
3. “The Do What You Can Plan” by Holley Gerth {re-read}
4. “Vanished” by Irene Hannon
5. “Practicing the Presence of Jesus” by Wally Armrstong {re-read}
6. “The Emotionally Healthy Woman” by Geri Scazzero
7. “Calling Me Home” by Julie Kibler
8. “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” by Jeremy Dean
9. “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream” by Holley Gerth
10. “Quitter” by Jon Acuff
11. “Moms Raising Sons To Be Men” by Rhonda Stoppe
12. “And Then I Found You” by Patti Callahan Henry
13. “What We Talk About When We Talk About God” by Rob Bell
14. “FITlosophy 1” by SharnyandJulius™
15. “Restored!” by Dan Schaeffer
16. “5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter” by Vicki Courtney
17. “What’s Your Mark?” by Jeremy Cowart
18. “Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits” by Joyce Meyer
19. “Pros of Prozac” by Beca Mark
20. “The Icarus Deception” by Seth Godin
21. “The One Success Habit (You Can’t Do Without)” by Dr. Fred R. Lybrand
22. “Virtual Assistant: The Series (4th ed.)” by Kelly Poelker & Diana Ennen
23. “Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way” by Allen Carr
24. “Pure Pleasure” by Gary Thomas
25. “VA Secrets Revealed!” by Alyssa Gregory
26. “Craving” by Omar Manejwala, M.D.
27. “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek
28. “The Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte
29. “The Wishing Tree” by Marybeth Whalen
30. “Enchantment” by Guy Kawasaki
31. “The Start-Up of You” by Reid Hoffmann & Ben Casnocha
32. “The Bootstrap VA” by Lisa Morosky
33. “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki
34. “Eat, Move, Sleep” by Tom Rath
35. “A Million Little Ways” by Emily P. Freeman
36. “Freedom Is Blogging In Your Underwear” by Hugh MacLeod
37. “Pinterest for Business” by Casey Watkins

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2014 ——————————————————————-

1. “The Effortless Yes” by Julie Steelman
2. “Style Statement” by Carrie McCarthy & Danielle LaPorte
3. “Saving Face (Book)” by Ryan Richardson
4. “The Sketchnote Handbook” by Mike Rohde
5. “The Element” by Ken Robinson, Ph.D.
6. “Duct Tape Marketing” by John Jantsch
7. “The God-First Life” by Stovall Weems
8. “Evil By Design” by Chris Nodder
9. “The Right-Brain Business Plan” by Jennifer Lee
10. “The Promise of a Pencil” by Adam Braun
11. “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky
12. “Pressed Pennies” by Steven Manchester
13. “Fighter” by Chris Greenwood
14. “E2” by Pam Grout
15. “First Steps to Wealth” by Dani Johnson
16. “Notes From a Blue Bike” by Tsh Oxenreider
17. “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk
18. “Covet” by Tracey Garvis-Graves
19. “Relaxing With God” by Andrew Farley
20. “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard

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2015 ——————————————————————-

1. “Born to Blog” by Mark Schaeffer
2. “How to Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul” by Ruth Soukup
3. “So You Thought You Knew” by Joshua Tongol
4. “Pro-Blogging Secrets” by Bob Lotich
5. “Slim By Design” by Brian Wansink, Ph.D.
6. “The Woman Code” by Sophia Nelson
7. “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo
8. “The Simple Living Handbook” by Lorilee Lippincott
9. “Simply Tuesday” by Emily P. Freeman
10. “Zero Victim” by James E. Ward, Jr.
11. “What Keeps You Up At Night?” by Pete Wilson
12. “IF” by Mark Batterson
13. “Blogger Behave” by Laura Booz

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